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Laser Dentistry:
The laser gives Dr. Anand Soni the ability to deliver a highly concentrated, controlled energy beam into some of the most difficult recesses of the mouth. In turn, the ability of this beam to remove tissue without anesthesia, to perform quickly, and to perform new procedures is revolutionizing dentistry.
Examples of How Laser Can Be Used:
First, it can cut and remove gum tissue due to problems like Periodontal Disease. The procedure, say proponents of the laser, promotes faster healing, lowers the risk of infection, reduces pain after treatment and it's quiet. In the chair all you hear is the hissing of the air jet that cools the spot where the beam is focused.

The second use for a dental laser is in hardening filling materials. Conventional hardening lights will work in about 30 seconds. The laser reduces hardening time to five or ten seconds.

The third use shows up in the practice of cosmetic dentistry. The concentrated heat of a laser can be ideal for speeding the process of bleaching teeth during the teeth whitening process.

A fourth application for dental lasers used in our chicago laser dentist office is in cutting through tooth structure. Instead of the whine of the dental hand piece (drill), patients hear a series of rapid popping sounds as the beam interacts with the natural water in your tooth to systematically create tiny holes in it. Dental lasers don't really shine here. They're slower and less precise than dental hand pieces and they can't be used to remove old fillings or prepare teeth for crowns.

Does it hurt?
For minor procedures which involve lower power settings, anesthesia is not normally needed. For more extensive procedures and higer power settings, anesthesia may be required but post-operative comfort is still much greater than conventional surgery and healing is greatly improved. We have two locations to serve you, Our Chicago Laser Dentist office is located on Devon avenue while our Wood Dale Dentist office is located on Irving park road.

If you live in Chicago, or anywhere in Illinois, and are looking for an experienced Chicago laser dentist makeover or recontouring your gums, please e-mail us or call Family Dental Care at 773-262-5004.

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